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Dive Into the New Age of Quantum Dimensional Audio

What is Quantum Dimensional Audio?

Quantum Decoherence

A digitally converted audio signal is a composite pixilation of an analog signal regardless of its processing bit rate.  Digitally converted recordings, of any analog signal, will reproduce cumulative impulse divergences. This power distribution is NOT properly quantized and results in signal loudness, clipping, and frequency saturation.

Quantum Coherence

A quantum coherent digital signal is a dynamically congruent representation of an analog signal. The attack, release, and decay of varying audio frequencies are characteristically divergent according to the dimensional renormalization of a pure analog signal. While the audio clarity of an equivalent digital recording appears similar, each interpretation is distinctively constructed, resulting in quantum dissonance if layered in an audio mix.

Quantum Entanglement

Due to the nature of quantum superposition, it's possible to layer the singular quantum coherence of two time-independent distinct signals.  We may find, combinatoric functions re-created in audio mixing may result in renormalized similarities with regularized divergences.

Quantum Error Correction

If we decouple a quantum dissonant signal from a composite quantum entangled signal, we may resolve the error correction divergences in a combinatorial algorithmic function without relying on intermittent software processing.

We Integrate Harmonies without Tension

     To research and develop our technology we require the expert passions of a unique and cohesive blend of physicists, chemists, mathematicians, musicians, and engineers.  Our goal is to align these diverse talents into innovative products with unimaginable capabilities.


     As we demonstrate our refined proficiency in quantizing audio, we look to the future of innovating our superior technology throughout the discovery of new scientific opportunities, unlimited imagination, and unexplored possibilities.

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